Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants & Bars

Diverse culinary offerings in one place. Classic ambiance, legendary cocktails, passionate food and the best desserts and bakeries in Doha, all under one roof! Explore Gourmet House, Zengo and Maya.

Zengo Doha

Situated on the 61st floor, the restaurant features a vibrant décor that fuses modern Asian and inventive design. The menu ranges from sushi and sashimi to curry dishes, grilled entrees, and wok dishes.

StyleÀ la carte
Dress codeSemi-Formal
Maya Doha

Situated on the ground floor, Maya is a Modern Mexican Kitchen & Lounge bringing you a taste of Latin America. Rooted in tradition, yet adventuring into contemporary tastes, we welcome you to linger over drinks and rediscover Mexican classics.

StyleCasual dining
Dress codeSmart Casual
Gourmet House

Gourmet House gives you a sense of tranquility, exclusivity and anticipation. Indulge in fine ingredients and take your pick between artisanal bakeries, luscious pastries, fine cold cuts, mouth-watering sandwiches, ready-to-eat salads and cheese.

StylePastry shop
CuisineLight bites
Dress codeSmart Casual
LaLiga TwentyNine's

A unique Spanish flavor.

StyleÀ la carte
Dress codeCasual