Kempinski in the News

Kempinski in the News

01 Aug 2021

Kempinski Hotels relaunches its CSR programme BE Health

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Geneva, XY August 2021 –  After seven years since initiating its corporate social responsibility programme BE Health, Kempinski Hotels has decided to fully rework the details and guidelines in order to open the scope of the programme. Instead of focusing exclusively on diseases like tuberculosis, HIV and Malaria, from now on BE Health includes fighting all communicable and non-communicable diseases. This allows all Kempinski hotels globally to set up a local CSR project in line with local health needs and gives the opportunity to create, implement, raise funds and spend these for a local public health concern under the name of BE Health. 

„While we focused on several projects in Bangkok and Djibouti in the past, we realised that it would be much more meaningful for all hotel teams to dedicate their CSR efforts to their local community and their own country“, explains Hadrian Beltrametti-Walker, Executive Vice President and General Counsel Kempinski Hotels and in charge of sustainability at the luxurious hotel group. „Under the joint global vision of BE Health that health is contagious all our hotels will follow the mutual goal to foster health prevention. By empowering team members within the company to implement local health care projects 

in their own markets they care for the wellbeing of those who are outside and bridges their workplace to their local surroundings.“ 

To assure that all CSR projects are aligned, Kempinski hotels commit to the high quality standards set by the BE Health programme and by following the respective guidelines. Among others they consent that each initiative is meaningful for both hotel’s management and employees since a positive impact from a common project gives meaning to everyone’s daily life at work. A clearly defined purpose, concrete objectives and activities as well as tangible results will guarantee the successful continuation of the „Health is Contagious vision“ of BE Health in the future. 

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