Elevate your Suhoor experience with our meticulously crafted menu, comprising traditional and contemporary dishes, specially curated to indulge your taste buds throughout the night.

Begin your meal with comforting soups and thirst-quenching drinks such as jalab, karkadeh, tamer hindi, and laban. Delight in a selection of Middle Eastern cold and hot mezze, before tucking into a plate of Arabic Mixed Grill featuring succulent lamb kofta, juicy shish tawook, and flavourful lamb chops.

Finish your Suhoor feast on a sweet note with decadent desserts such as the fragrant Mouhalabia, the indulgent Date Cheesecake with raspberry coulis, or the dreamy Umm Ali with nuts, dried fruit and coconut.

Suhoor is available a la carte daily from 22:00 to 2:00

For bookings, contact +971 4 444 2000 or email [email protected].