For your environment friendly holiday and enjoyable stay in Portorož

Kempinski Palace Portoroz is a heritage hotel, closely connected with nature, local area, and culture. Therefore it is no secret that the hotel uses sustainability practices in all aspects of operations.

The hotel's chef team firmly believes that the food she served to guests should not only be delicious but also good for the planet. The executive chef regularly visits the local market, where he meets with local farmers and fishermen who supply our kitchen with the freshest fish, fruits, and vegetables with ingredients of the menus tailor-made to the season and locally sourced options. Being mindful of food waste, a strong relationship with local suppliers enables us to order smaller quantities of food, hence resulting in successful food waste management.

Being located in Slovenia, a country, in which forest covers more than 60% of the land, it is no wonder that after banning single-use plastic, hotel implemented various wood options: wooden rose artefacts in the room for bed linen changes, wooden key cards, and wooden holders at the breakfast buffet area.

Further, hotel takes extra care of the local community and collaborates with local charities as well as annually hosts now already traditional events for the community, such as Christmas market in the park of the hotel or Sparkling wine festival.