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The perfect hotel for every occasion

Kempinski Palace Portorož features a selection of private rooms, salons and halls in all sizes. For smaller groups, our suggestion would be to decide among three private dining rooms: the private area of gourmet fine-dining restaurant Sophia, or two private saloons – the Ladies’ Saloon and the Gentlemens' Saloon.

For picturesque and scenic summer evening events, the best decision is, without a doubt, an event on the top-floor terrace overlooking the Adriatic Sea, located atop the modern part of the luxury hotel.

If a fairy-tale setting is what you strive for, then search no further than the magical Crystal Hall ballroom, which tells its own story in its grandeur and luxurious simplicity.

For outdoor events, the ideal choice is the 5,000 sq m-large historical park, a natural monument in Slovenia, which is maintained and preserved as it was designed in the times of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, with certain trees over 100 years old.

Moreover, tailor-made solutions can also be arranged in other areas of the hotel, should you wish to host your private event in one of the hotel’s exquisite rooms or suites, with Laguna Suite most likely being your first choice, due to its iconic celebrity status amongst hotel suites.


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