Gua Sha

Gua Sha

Royal face lift

We are all aware of the fact that the key to a healthy, strong and nicely toned body, is regular work out. What about the work out of the facial muscles? Do you know how to activate them?

Royal Face Lift is a combination of manual lifting and Gua sha technique, which is designed for activation of facial muscles. Through practice and special techniques of the natural lifting of the face, we slow down the ageing process of the face and consequently the sagging of the skin. Additionally, we stimulate the lymphatic circulation of the area and stimulate the production of elastin, a protein found in collagen, responsible for the structure of the skin.

Results are visible already after the first treatment.

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Sara Bičič is, as a former athlete aware of the importance of regeneration.

She recognized the power and importance of the massage 10 years ago and has been studying it ever since. With a base of her knowledge in classical and sports massage, she has expanded her expertise through the years with facial techniques of manual lifting & Gua Sha technique.

Both of these techniques are now considered to be the most luxury offer in the world of spa and there are few as experienced facialists as her: Harper's Bazaar Italy has listed her among top five facialists in the world.

Additionally, Sara is a licenced coach for Philosophia Botanica and ambassador of the brand.

Strong in the encouragement of each and every woman and strives towards the female gender taking more time for themselves and recognize the strength and results of short beauty rituals, which perform miracles not only on our body but also on our soul.