Our expert therapists at Olare Mara Kempinski use the perfect balance of modern and traditional massage techniques to leave you feeling revitalised.

Classic Massage
This   rhythmic   massage   is   purely   for   de-stressing and relaxing both body and mind.
50 minutes        Ksh 8,800 
80 minutes         Ksh 11,200  

Deep Tissue
This massage helps rid excess lactic acid and regenerate tired and tight muscles, paying particular attention to the legs and back. 
50 minutes           Ksh 8,800
80 minutes         Ksh 11,200

Back, Neck & Shoulder
A targeted massage focusing on tight and sore areas most in need of attention, the back, neck and shoulders. 
25 minutes             Ksh 5,000

Scalp & Neck
Supremely     relaxing,     releasing     tension points   in   the   scalp   and   neck.   Especially  good   for   extreme    weariness, tiredness or tension headaches. 
25 minutes             Ksh 5,000

Foot Reflex
Focusing on reflex zones of the feet that correlate to areas of the body. This massage is perfect after a day of intense sporting activities, hiking or travel.
40 minutes             Ksh 7,000