Visit The Maa Trust

Visit The Maa Trust

For an alternative and utterly inspiring ‘take’ on the Conservancy, its wildlife and its people, we recommend that you make a visit to the Maa Trust.

Meet the Real Maasai

We guarantee that you will return inspired, uplifted and enthused. And that you will come away with a delightful insight into the real Maasai community.

Perched high on a hill in the centre of the Conservancy, the Trust works to ensure the long-term success of the Maasai Mara ecosystem by working in close partnership with the Maasai community. And, by using the proceeds of a small levy, which is contributed by all the camps in the Conservancy, The Trust is able to make profound improvements in the lives of the Maasai people themselves. What’s more – they are the improvements that the Maasai people themselves have asked for.

Quite apart from promising you a glorious game drive to and from the Trust, which is a simply-built community centre set atop a panoramic ridge, this unique visit also offers you a wonderful opportunity to meet with the ladies of the Maasai community, all of whom use this centre as a place to carry out their traditional beadwork. The centre also has its own shop offering a glorious array of expertly designed and exquisitely executed leather and beadwork – jewellery, handbags, tote bags, photograph albums, key-rings, belts, dog collars… and much, much more. This is THE ideal shopping opportunity. What’s more you can meet the ladies who actually made the items you purchase.

Best of all, by purchasing these products you will be helping a Maasai lady to, for instance: pay for the education of her girl children, buy her own water tank, buy her own solar electricity kit or buy her own seeds. You can also help the Trust in providing practical training to the young men of the community – in such areas as mechanics, building or carpentry. Proceeds from this wonderful project also go towards sinking wells, providing sanitation and building simple health clinics.

This is a joyous visit, a chance for some unique cultural exchange in a totally relaxed setting. You are guaranteed a great deal of laughter and some stunning photo-opportunities.

The visit will take around three hours in total and your vehicle will be equipped with chilled drinks and snacks. Take your camera.