Night Game Drives

Night Game Drives

If the wilderness is magical by day, by night it promises nocturnal theatre on a magnificent scale.

The Wilderness by Night

Above you sparkles an unbelievable spangled canopy of stars, and around you wraps the soft velvet of the African night, punctuated by the rough, dry coughs of the lion, the cackling and whoop-whooping of the hyena, and the symphony of birdsong.

Adventure indeed.

The night belongs to the hunters: the lions and the leopards. It’s also the only time when you may catch a glimpse of such elusive nocturnal creatures as aardvarks, cape hares and bush babies. Best of all, your vehicle will be equipped with a powerful hand-held lamp, which can be used to sweep the bush for sightings of creeping shadows and gleaming eyes.
Unique to the conservancy experience, night game drives are not permitted within the boundaries of the national parks and reserves. So they’re the ultimate safari luxury, game-viewing extravaganza and photo-opportunity. Leaving the camp at 7pm, you will be provided with hot drinks and warm ‘shukas’ (Maasai wraps) before setting off to encounter the creatures of the night.
A night game drive can be included in your package – which includes two game drives per person per day.