Welcome to Cairo

Welcome to Cairo

Welcome to Kempinski Nile Hotel, located in the heart of Cairo

On the right bank of the Nile, Cairo is situated in northern Egypt, just south of the point where the river splits into the two branches of Damietta and Rosetta, which make up the delta region. It serves as an administrative hub for locals who need to visit a tourist center or a historical place like the sphinx, the pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, the market of Khan El Khalili or a huge cultural attraction as Cairo Opera House.

One of Cairo's great interests is the museum dedicated to the Coptic religion and civilization, a form of Christianity that is common in Egypt and Ethiopia; the area of the Citadel, built in 1176 by the famous Salah el din and home to a number of mosques, including the Mosque of Mohammad Ali. Also, the ancient Islamic City, which includes the famous Azhar Mosque and Qalaun Mosque, one of the most popular and frequented by Cairo citizens.

Lastely, don't miss Khan El Khalili Bazaar, where you may purchase souvenirs of all kinds, including multicolored fabrics, ancient antiquities, glass artifacts, and local fragrances kept in attractive bottles. Khan El Khalili Bazaar can be reached 20 minutes drive away from Kempinski Nile Hotel.

Kempinski Nile Hotel commands a prime position in the heart of Cairo. The city centre is just a ten-minute drive away and it is only a short walk to the Egyptian Museum and Cairo Opera House.