Padel Courts

Padel Courts

Enjoy padel, a much loved sport on our private island at our two available padel courts.

Padel Courts

Padel Courts in Doha

Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner looking to try this exciting sport, our top-notch facilities provide the perfect environment for you to enjoy the game.

Our meticulously designed padel courts offer a first-class playing surface and cutting-edge technology to ensure an unmatched sporting experience.

Padel court opening hours: 6:00am to midnight

Court rental:
QAR 200 per hour
QAR 300 for 90 minutes
QAR 350 for 120 minutes

Racket rental: 
QAR 50 per racket

Padel ball rental: 
QAR 50 per new ball case

Come discover the joy of padel and be a part of our vibrant sporting community! Book your court today and get ready to unleash your competitive spirit on the court.

For inquiries, please call us at +974 4035 5555 or WhatsApp +974 7479 0864.