Clarins Signature Massages

Clarins Signature Massages

Discover ancient massage techniques from around the world performed by our expert therapists.

Discover our range of massage treatments that uncover techniques from around the world and are practised by our therapists. Clarins massages and treatments are a series of precise manual movements carried out by expert hands. The treatments and products, when combined, have exceptional skincare benefits. The skincare products use exceptionally pure essential oils. The unforgettable experiences revive all of the senses.


Art of Touch - Face and Body Treatment | 90 minutes - QAR 950

The Art of Touch relaxes, revitalises and regenerates your body from head to toe with a blend of techniques that will bring out the best in you. Your therapist works on the principle of dividing the body into the five classic key zones and will use well-practised techniques using the palm and edge of their hands, thumbs, forearms and elbows for a profoundly satisfying treatment. 


Rebalancing Massage with Essential Oils | 60/90 minutes - QAR 800/1100

This massage has long, smooth strokes for a feeling of complete well-being. Choose from tonic oil to stimulate the mind and body or relax oil for a sense of complete peace.


Beautiful Mother-To-Be* | 60 minutes - QAR 900

The gentle treatment relieves your back, promotes lighter legs, improves skin elasticity and helps prevent stretch marks. It helps prepare your body as it undergoes many pregnancy-related changes.

*During the pre-natal second trimester only.


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