Kempinski Iconic Breakfast

Kempinski Iconic Breakfast

A delicious touch to your experience

Iconic 7-Signature-Touches Breakfast

Wherever you go, Kempinski has crafted an eclectic and energising breakfast that brings together international favourites and authentic local flavours. This breakfast comprises seven signature touches:

- Local specialties inspired by local flavours and traditions. We offer a live oven station of Manakeesh, a Lebanese flatbread pizza topped with thyme (za'atar) or shredded cheese. You can also enjoy a platter of Foul Medames, a vegan-friendly option consisting of stewed fava beans with other condiments.

- A pass-around basket of freshly baked croissants or pastries straight from the oven

- Homemade chocolate spreads, made from a decadent blend of cream, dark chocolate and butter

- Power shots to start the day with a boost of vitamins in nutrient-dense superfood shots

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- Hot chocolate blended to your personal preference using real chocolate

- Freshly squeezed juices to provide you with all the vitamins you need for the day, with your choice of fresh fruits and vegetables

- Bircher muesli, offering a perfectly balanced and authentic blend that upholds Dr Bircher's legacy and reflects our European heritage

To make this breakfast experience even more memorable, you can enjoy our famous floating breakfast in the pool, exclusively at Kempinski Summerland Beirut.

No matter where you are at Kempinski, our seven signature touches make breakfast special.