Summer Happenings in Lebanon

Summer Happenings in Lebanon

Immerse yourself in summer fun and attend unforgettable events in Lebanon!

A Thrilling Calendar of Summer Events

Lebanon comes alive during the summer months. Beyond the allure of its stunning beaches and historical sites, the country transforms into a vibrant hub for festivals, concerts and cultural celebrations. Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere and discover the unique charm of Lebanese summers.

Live Concerts, Exhibitions and Festivals


- 6 to 9 June: Aamchit Street Festival
- 15 June: Amr Diab live 
- 21 June: Fete de la Musique au Liban - Institut Francais 
- 21 to 22 June: Chris de Burgh at Casino du Liban 
- 27 to 29 June: Byblos en Blanc et Rosé – Wine Festival
- 29 June: Whiplash Rock Fest in Batroun 

- 5 July: Kadim Al Sahir Live 
- 24, 27, 28 July: Wael Kfoury Live at Forum de Beyrouth 

- 3 August: Tamer Hosny Live at Forum de Beyrouth 
- 17 August: Mohammad Ramadan Live at Forum de Beyrouth 

Local Markets

- Souk El Tayeb - Weekly Farmers and Handmade Crafts Market – Every Saturday 
- Badaro Farmers Market – Every Sunday 


Theatre and Plays 

- Al Souq Al Oumoui at Metro Al Madina – Every Thursday from Now until 27 June

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