Shopping Attractions

Shopping Attractions

Live a memorable shopping experience with all international brand stores operating in the city, and an array of options for your merchandises.

shopping Attractions

 There are several excellent locations in Beirut for serious shopping, from high-end, exclusive retail stores to specific, reasonably priced marketplaces. Among the high end places we will list a few worth visiting shopping hubs:

- Beirut Souks

This is a significant business area within Beirut Central District. It is Beirut's largest and most varied shopping and entertainment district, featuring over 200 stores, 25 eateries and cafés, an entertainment center, a 14-theater complex, sporadic street markets, and a forthcoming department store. Public areas and piazzas can also be found in the Beirut Souks. With five distinct commissions from international and Lebanese architects, Beirut Souks offers 128,000 square meters of built-up space dotted with pedestrian zones that are manicured.

- ABC Verdun

The 150,000 m² ABC shopping mall, which is situated in the center of Verdun, Beirut, has a multistory ABC Department Store, retail stores of various sizes, movie theaters with hosting screens on the top floor, entertainment areas encircled by a food and beverage zone, and outdoor seating and landscaping areas.

- Centro Mall

Centro Mall, which has the most sought-after and trendy brands under one roof, is your one-stop shopping destination, conveniently located in the center of Jnah.

- Hamra Street

According to the Hamra Traders Association's tally from previous year, there are roughly 800 retail establishments on Hamra Street and the area around it. These comprise, with the exception of food and beverage establishments, anything from travel agencies to money exchange shops.

Everything from lingerie to abayas, Italian leather shoes and purses to designer knockoffs, as well as locally made clothing for older ladies, as well as international mid-market fashion brands targeted at teenagers and young adults, may be found in these establishments. In addition to fashion, Hamra stores feature cultural goods like paintings, books, and handcrafted goods.