Lady in Red

Lady in Red

Lady in Red

The most attentive host


"Creating a special moment for our guests and making their stay with us memorable is my passion."

Veronika, Lady in Red


For more than a decade every guest has been welcomed by our Lady in Red, providing thoughtful, individual and intuitive help and expertise. Dressed in striking red, this impeccable host has unrivalled knowledge about the hotel and the local area.


  • Our Ladies in Red are responsible for creating unforgettable experiences and special moments during your stay. Whether it's birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions - they ensure that each event is celebrated in style.
  • In addition, our Ladies in Red take care of all attentions and surprises, whether it's for friends and partners or from them.
  • Of course, special attention is also given to our little guests to ensure they have an unforgettable stay.
  • Our regular guests are especially pampered by our Ladies in Red, who offer them tailored packages to make their stay even more enjoyable.


Overall, our Ladies in Red are an indispensable support for our guests and contribute significantly to making your stay at the Kempinski Palace Engelberg Hotel an unforgettable experience.



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