Alpine Cheese Dairy

Alpine Cheese Dairy

Alpine Cheese Dairy

Visit Sälmi, local cheesemaker

Visit alpine cheesemaker Sälmi and see how his famous cheese is prepared up at Gerschnialp. Either hike up or take the funicular and walk over to the farm.

For ambitious cheese lovers we recommend a part of the “Alpine Cheese Trail”, the section Untertrübsee/Gerschnialp. This route takes approximately 2h40 and stretches over 8.5km. But not to worry, Untertrübsee and Gerschnialp can also be accessed easier with the help of the funicular.

Enjoy the view and lunch at “Gasthaus Gerschnialp”. 

Getting back to Engelberg, there are three options:
Option 1: hikig back, option 2: ride the funicular, or 

Option 3:

Scooter Bike: Speed up the journey and have some extra fun by hiring scooters from the Untertrübsee restaurant or the Gerschnialp station and whizz back down to Engelberg.

Families with adventurous children 

Not all children love the idea of hiking, but parents still would like to experience the authenticity that Engelberg has to offer. Take the local bus (free of charge) to Brunni valley station and walk to “Bordbähnli”; pick up the phone, press a button and kindly ask to ride up. Step into the little cable car, press a button, and ride up the mountain. Well up at “Bord”, enjoy a picnic and take the same route down.


Farmer Games (the more people participate, the better, carried out by “Outventures”) or have fun at the Rope Park. The Rope Park offers different levels and is for children from 4 years old –there are also routes where adults are sure to have fun climbing around in the trees.


For further information and reservations, please contact us on
T +41 41 639 7575 or [email protected].