Palace Gym

Palace Gym


Virtual Fitness World

The latest generation of fitness equipment scores points not only in terms of ergonomics, feel and efficiency. It’s more fun than ever before. 

On treadmills and bikes, for example, the programmes are modelled on real tours and can not only be felt in your legs but are also a pleasure for your eyes via the screen. For example, you can be cycling through Andalusia while snow falls just outside the gym window. 

Another highlight is the ultra-modern fitness mirror, which is like a personal trainer: it can be used to take part in virtual classes led by professional trainers – from yoga to boxing. 

Please note that the Palace Gym can be accessed without the accompaniment of an adult from the age of 14




Due to the arm bars, which allow the use of the upper body, you train your entire body on the crosstrainer, in contrast to jogging. By using your arms, up to 85% of your body's muscles are involved in the movement. 



Working out on a treadmill is also a great way to burn a lot of calories and get those kilograms tumbling. Since running sessions usually last longer than 25 minutes, this is where the body draws on fat stores to gain enough energy for exercise. 


Technogym Cycle 

Technogym Cycle is a training bike with wide saddle and gap that makes it very easy to promote health and get back in shape at any age. 



Power stations, also known as fitness stations or multistations, combine a variety of fitness equipment. For example, Kettler weight stations or Christopeit weight stations offer numerous training options: including lat pull, butterfly, rowing, pull-up, leg extension, weight bench, curl desk, rope pull and dips station.



Different dumbbell weights are available. Beginners start with 2 - 4 kilo dumbbells depending on the exercise. Advanced users choose 5 - 8 kilo dumbbells. For barbells, beginners start with 10 - 20 kilos depending on the exercise. Advanced users can choose significantly higher weights depending on the exercise.

Opening hours:

Mon - Sun 00:00 - 23:59