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Sauna World

Relaxation & Recovery.

Sauna World

Work up a sweat

The freezing rain trickles quietly: the fountain fills up and offers up its refreshment. Meanwhile, the central cooling zone is surrounded by a relaxing, modern sauna world. 

The Vitarium promises peace and serenity for body, mind and soul while strengthening the immune system. 

The steam bath relieves rheumatic complaints and hay fever, relaxes muscles, opens the airways and stimulates the metabolism. 

And the classic Finnish sauna boosts more than just circulation and the immune system: it also offers an enchanting view of the mountains directly from the wooden lounger.


10 reasons for the sauna 

  • Regular sauna sessions provide a better immune system 
  • Taking a sauna gets the circulation going 
  • A sauna session is ideal for a better complexion 
  • It is said that taking a sauna increases one's life expectancy 
  • Taking a sauna contributes to improved breathing 
  • More well-being accompanies sauna-goers not only immediately afterwards 
  • Ideal for those who suffer from muscle tension 
  • Waste products are sweated out 
  • The purification of the body is stimulated 
  • Recommended for lowering high blood pressure 



Finnish sauna | 80°C - 100°C 

For relaxation and regeneration of muscles and psyche after sports and physical activities.


Bio sauna | 50°C - 60°C

The aromatic scents cleanse and stimulate the respiratory system. They contribute to peace of mind and body. 


Vitarium | 50°C - 60°C 

Steam enriched with medicinal herbs brings the ingredients of the herbs directly to the bronchial tubes and lungs through the skin and respiratory tract. 


Steam bath | 50°C - 60°C 

Ideal against muscle tension and for cleaning the respiratory tract.

Opening hours:

Mon - Sun 10:00 - 21:00