Kempinski in the News

Kempinski in the News

15 Jun 2023

Kempinski Hotel Nanjing Appoints Tommy Tian as Executive Chef of Chinese Cuisine

Nanjing, 15 June 2023Kempinski Hotel Nanjing officially appointed Mr. Tian Yue as the hotel's executive chef of Chinese cuisine, fully responsible for the hotel's Jin Kai Lou dish design, cooking, operation and management work.

Mr. Tian grew up in a family of chefs, watching his grandfather, who was a pastry chef, and his father, who ran the restaurant, work hard in the kitchen and grew up with his eyes and ears. His grandfather's dedication to food and excellence successfully inspired young Tian Yue's curiosity and passion for food. After graduation, young Mr. Tian Yue decided to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and father and embarked on a journey to become a chef. Currently, Mr. Tian Yue has more than ten years of experience in the industry and is well versed in Huaiyang, Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine and continues to develop his skills and innovations in Chinese cuisine.

Mr. Tian's culinary journey began in Yangzhou, and he has worked for international high-end luxury brands, such as Shangri-La, Baolica, Preston, Ritz-Carlton and Cognac. With his exquisite culinary skills and excellent management, he has accepted many important hospitality assignments and provided visual and gustatory feasts for domestic and international leaders and dignitaries.

As a new young force, Mr. Tian Yue is always looking for innovative ways of expression. As a craftsman in the kitchen, he continues to train himself through further education. With his keen sense of local dining and close collaboration with the chef team, he has won numerous awards both personally and in the restaurant during his tenure.

In his spare time, he enjoys searching for natural ingredients and exploring endless taste possibilities. We look forward to seeing Mr. Tian Yue's unforgettable culinary journey at Jin Kai Lou in the century-old Wang Zi Building of Kempinski Hotel Nanjing.