Rihla & Ramadan Tales

Rihla & Ramadan Tales

12 Mar 2024

Kempinski Hotel Muscat presents an exquisite Ramadan Iftar, a culinary Voyage to the Arab world

March 12th, 2024: Kempinski Hotel Muscat is pleased to announce its exquisite culinary program for Ramadan promising a month filled with unforgettable dining experiences and cultural delights. From themed nights at The Kitchen restaurant to Ramadan Tales at Zale, authentic Indian iftar at Bukhara, and lavish group iftars, Kempinski Hotel Muscat is set to be the ultimate destination for Ramadan celebrations in Muscat.


This year’s Ramadan experience at The Kitchen Restaurant is unlike any other, as guests embark on a journey to Arab countries to immerse themselves in the rich traditions and vibrant celebrations of this holy month for an unforgettable experience, where the spirit of unity, hospitality and tradition come together to create lifetime memories. As our guests indulge in the culinary delights and cultural treasures of Gulf countries, North Africa, The Levant & Turkey, they will discover with us the true essence of Ramadan, a time of reflection, gratitude, and celebration shared with loved ones across borders and cultures.


Themed Nights at The Kitchen Restaurant:

Embark on a culinary journey like no other with themed nights at The Kitchen restaurant, featuring a lineup of renowned chefs and unique dining experiences:


-Celebrity Chef Joe Barza: Exclusive dining experience curated by the culinary maestro himself, Chef Joe Barza as he returns to us from March 11-17 with live cooking stations and culinary wonders from the Levant.

-Levant Tales by Chef Julien El Khal: Join us in celebrating the spirit of Ramadan with Chef Julien El Khal as we gather to break to fast with a culinary experience that honors the vibrant culture and heritage of the Levant. From the crisp tang of fresh herbs to the comforting warmth of slow-cooked meats, each dish is a masterpiece crafted with care and tradition.

-Bosphorus Nights with Chef Onder: Embark on a sensory journey through the flavors of Turkey this Ramadan. Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Turkish cuisine as you indulge in a feast of tantalizing aromas and rich flavors. Let the ambiance of our beautifully adorned dining space transport you to the bustling streets of Istanbul, where every dish tells you a story of tradition and culinary artistry.


-Khaleej Gems: Step into a realm of opulence and warmth as you enter our khaleeji-inspired Ramadan Iftar celebration. Feel the vibrant ambience envelop you, with the gentle scent of oud lingering in the air, and the soft glow of lanterns casting a warm, inviting light. Experience the richness of khaleeji culture as you immerse yourself in the sounds of traditional music, the sight of intricately decorated surroundings, and the taste of authentic flavors that transport you to the heart of the gulf.


-From Marrakech to Cairo: Experience the captivating blend of Moroccan & Egyptian cuisine this Ramadan at our mesmerizing iftar celebration. step into our elegantly adorned dining space, where the tantalizing scents of Moroccan spices and Egyptian aromatics linger in the air, inviting you on a sensory journey. From savory Moroccan tagines to fragrant Egyptian Koshary, each dish is a celebration of the rich flavors and traditions of the region.


Ramadan Tales at Zale:

Experience the magic of Ramadan with an exclusive Suhoor served at Zale Club & Lounge, where traditional storytelling meets modern dining for a truly enchanting experience. Oud Player Shadi Tawbi will accompany your evenings with a Live Saj Station.


Authentic Indian Iftar at Bukhara:

Savor the authentic flavors of India with a special iftar menu at Bukhara, featuring a selection of traditional Indian dishes prepared with the finest ingredients and spices.


Catering by Kempinski:

For those looking to host a memorable Ramadan gathering at home or at a special venue, Kempinski Hotel Muscat offers catering services that bring the hotel's exceptional culinary expertise to your doorstep.


Lavish Group Iftar:

Gather your loved ones and colleagues for a lavish group iftar experience at Kempinski Hotel Muscat, where impeccable service, exquisite cuisine, and a warm ambiance await.


About Kempinski Hotel Muscat:

Nestled within the community of Al Mouj Muscat and encompassing over 6 km of stunning coastline, Kempinski Hotel Muscat is an unparalleled luxury destination in the capital of Oman.

With 310 rooms and suites, state-of-the-art meeting facilities, ten authentic restaurants and lounges, a fully equipped fitness centre and a luxury spa experience, guests can immerse themselves in the finer things in life. A gateway to an authentic Omani adventure, Kempinski Hotel Muscat provides a blend of local traditions and world-class European luxury.


About Kempinski: Created in 1897, Kempinski Hotels is Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group. Kempinski’s rich heritage of impeccable personal service and superb hospitality is complemented by the exclusivity and individuality of its properties. Today the Kempinski Group operates 80 hotels and residences in 34 countries and currently has more than 25 prestigious projects under development around the globe. Each five star hotel reflects the strength and success of the Kempinski brand without losing sight of its heritage; each one imbues the quality guests have come to expect from Kempinski.

while embracing the cultural traditions of its location. The portfolio comprises historic landmark properties, award-winning urban lifestyle hotels, outstanding resorts and prestigious residences. Kempinski is a founding member of the Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), the world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands. www.kempinski.com www.ghadiscovery.com


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