Lady in Red

Lady in Red

Committed to knowing your needs and ensuring that everything you could possible need is easily available for you, our Lady in Red She will assist you in creating the most unforgettable journey.

The most attentive host

Your stay at Kempinski is about much more than stunning architecture and exceptional services. The excellent hosts and their warm-hearted welcome really bring your experience to life.

You will be in the best of hands wherever you go in the globe. For more than a decade, our Lady in Red has greeted every visitor with attentive, unique, and intuitive assistance and knowledge. This outstanding host, dressed in eye-catching crimson, knows everything there is to know about the hotel and the surrounding neighbourhood.

The Lady in Red is the ideal Kempinski ambassador, advising on the finest locations to shop, opening doors to uncommon experiences, assisting you in planning special surprises, and handling last-minute requests.