Welcome to Arabia's Best Kept Secret

Welcome to Arabia's Best Kept Secret

Muscat is a modern metropolis with its own soul, character, and traditions.

Discover Adventures In Oman

In addition to its expansive desert quarters, Oman is an adventure-seeker’s paradise with vast topographic features. For visitors looking to explore off the beaten track away from comforts of the city, a variety of outdoor activities await in the Sultanate’s unique natural environment, from the peaks of the Hajar mountain range to spectacular wadis (valleys).

The mountains of the Sultanate - rising up to an altitude of 3,004 metres above sea level - are a popular hiking destination with spectacular views. Aquatic hikes, village walks and Via Ferrata, as well as over-night camping, are some of the many outdoor activities available.

Adding another dimension to the country’s landscape are a multitude of wadis that are accessible to explore, each with its unique characteristics. Adventurers can hike the wadi trail, explore caves or cool-off in turquoise freshwater pools.

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