Discover The Royal Opera House

Discover The Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House Muscat, located in Shatti Al Qurum district, is the leading arts and culture organisation in the Sultanate.

The Royal Opera House Muscat

All variety of performances are held at the opera house, including classic European operas, traditional performances and orchestral evenings.

The structure is equally as impressive as the performances held within, and indeed it is one of the most breath-taking architectural masterpieces in the Sultanate.

A gleaming, bright series of terraced towers greet visitors in the day, but it is at night when the Opera House really comes into its own, as perfectly positioned spotlights give the archways and towers a luminous appearance. All this creates a brilliant contrast against the night sky, and the whole site is made even more amazing by the polished, reflective marble courtyards that lead up to the structure.

To arrange a visit or for information on upcoming performances at the Royal Opera House, please call +968 2498 5723 or email [email protected]