Explore Jinan

Explore Jinan

Discover the most unique experiences and natural attractions in Jinan.

Jinan Tourist Attractions

Daming Lake is the largest lake in Jinan and one of the city's foremost natural and cultural landmarks. Located to the north of the historic city centre, the lake is fed by artesian karst springs, which ensures it retains a fairly constant water level throughout the year.

Daming Lake: 12 km (35 min. by car)

Baotu Spring is the most celebrated among the 72 named artesian springs in the downtown area of Jinan. It was declared the ‘Number One Spring under Heaven’ by the Qianlong Emperor in the Qing dynasty. Only half an hour's drive away, Baotu Spring is situated within an area of stunning beauty.

Baotu Spring: 13 km (35 min. by car depending on time and traffic)

The Thousand-Buddha Mountain is a hill located about 2.5 km southeast of Jinan and rises 285 m above sea level. It is renowned for its many Buddha images.

Thousand-Buddha Mountain: 11 km (25 min. by car)