Additional Massages

Additional Massages

Classic Massage&Sports Massage&Couple’s Massage&Hot Stone Massage

Classic Massage

This Swedish-style, rhythmic massage therapy is designed to de-stressing both body and mind, restoring a profound sense of well-being tailored to your needs.

Duration: 50 / 80 minutes

Sports Massage

A faster-paced massage using firm pressure over large muscle groups helps alleviate any lactic acid build-up, while deep tissue work releases any tightness. 

Duration: 50 / 80 minutes     

Couple’s Massage

A wonderfully relaxing, shared experience where you can enjoy a massage side by side. 

Duration: 50 / 80 minutes for two

Hot Stone Massage

This natural therapy provides deep relaxation for your body. The warm stones ease sore muscles, release stiff joints and relieve muscle tension, allowing more effective manipulation of the deeper tissues.

Duration: 80 minutes