Your Christmas Tree

Your Christmas Tree

Create lasting memories with your own Christmas tree in your hotel room!

Select from three styles: 

  1. Table tree at EUR 145, perfect for tabletop elegance
  2. Christmas tree in an delightful mid-size option ca. 1,20 m at EUR 245
  3. Christmas tree option two for a bigger festive feeling ca. 2,00 m at EUR 390

Enhance the festive ambiance in your hotel with the option of a pre-decorated Christmas tree. 
Bring the holiday spirit to your hotel room!


Please be aware that the Christmas tree decoration, stands, and lighting are on loan. The mentioned prices include VAT. As this is a limited offer, we kindly ask you to pre-book your tailor-made Christmas tree by 20 December 2023 with our Lady in Red team.

Contact us via: +49865297550 | [email protected]