Let our massage treatments take you into a heavenly oasis and make you forget the world outside.

Designed to relax you from head to toe, our massages are inspired by both the Alps and the European seasons at Kempinski The Spa. Take a look below to see which massage appeals most to you.

Signature Massages

Thermal Alpine Herb Massage
Alpine herbs gathered from the mountainside are compacted into herbal pouches that are gently steamed and used to apply pressure throughout the massage. The combination of wild calendula, arnica and chamomile target strained and aching muscles, and also work to calm sensitive skin.
50/80 minutes EUR 125/175

Salt Stone Massage
Our natural Salt Stone Massage is the ultimate mountain experience exclusively designed for Berchtesgaden. Warmed Salt Stones are applied in a healing technique that balances the body's equilibrium, detoxifies and provides deep relaxation to the muscles with its energy releasing effect.
50/80 minutes EUR 125/175

Seasonal Massages

Spring In Your Step Detoxing
This massage gently activates your immune system and helps the body purify itself. The detoxifying treatment begins with a dry brush massage, followed by a subsequent massage to stimulate lymphatic activity, activating the skin's self-healing powers.
50/80 minutes EUR 115/160

Summer Bliss Balancing
The "Summer Fresh" massage is pure refreshment for your body! Your skin is revitalized and gets an extra dose of moisture with refreshing ingredients from nature.
50/80 minutes EUR 115/160

Autumn Sleep Relaxing
This nourishing aromatherapy massage creates a particularly deep and restful relaxation. The full-body massage also includes an acupressure head massage, which has a deeply relaxing effect and leaves you completely disconnected from everyday life.
50/80 minutes EUR 115/160

Winter Warmer Energizing
This classic regeneration massage is both stimulating and invigorating and focuses specifically on joint pain or tension in the body. During this holistic body treatment you will enjoy a soothing foot pack with nourishing care ingredients.
50/80 minutes EUR 115/160

Other Massages

Pure Alpine Massage
As unique as you are, the Alpine herbal oil used in this full body massage will benefit your nerves and muscles. Your therapist will tailor the massage to your individual needs and additionally support the effect through the use of a specific massage oil or body balm.
50/80 minutes EUR 125/175

Arnica Sports Massage
This massage helps to reduce excess lactic acid and to rejuvenate tired and tense muscles. First an Arnica ointment made from wild-growing regional arnica is applied, followed by a deep tissue massage focusing on the arms and legs.
50 minutes EUR 135

Hot Stone Massage
This natural therapy offers you a wonderful deep relaxation. The warm stones have a gentle effect on the joints and relieve muscle tension. As a result, deeper tissue layers can be treated particularly effectively.
80 minutes EUR 175

Foot Reflex Massage
This treatment massages the points on the feet that correlate with the different regions of the body. This massage is especially recommended after intense physical activity such as hiking or mountain biking, to stimulate the circulation and relax.
25/50 minutes EUR 70/115

Back, Neck And Shoulder Massage
A massage that focuses on tense and painful areas such as the upper and lower back, neck and shoulders.
25 minutes EUR 70

The Deep Massage
This massage experience Begins with warming up the muscles to prepare you for a Deep tissue massage. Tension in the muscles and connective tissue is released.  
25 /50 minutes EUR 80/125

For spa treatment reservations, please contact us at T +49 (0) 8652 9755 1300 or [email protected].

External guests booking a 50-minute or longer spa treatment will receive a free one-day pass for 2-hours of spa usage.