Let our massage treatments take you into a heavenly oasis and make you forget the world outside.

Designed to relax you from head to toe, our massages are inspired by both the Alps and the European seasons at Kempinski The Spa. Take a look below to see which massage appeals most to you.

Alpine Bespoke Massage
The Bespoke Massage is a customised massage just for you. Choose your outcome, the focus area and the duration. Leave the rest to us.
50/80 minutes EUR 130/175

Salt Stone Massage
The Salt Stone Massage embraces the essence of the mountains, using warm salt stones to
ease sore muscles, release stiff joints and relieve tension.
50/80 minutes EUR 130/175

Aroma Massage
The Aroma Massage uses long strokes and specially blended oils with soft to medium
pressure. This massage will leave you renewed and relaxed.
50/80 minutes | EUR 120/165

Deep Massage
Designed to relieve tension, the Deep Massage focuses on the deeper layers of the muscles, using
a firm touch and pressure points.
25/50 minutes | EUR 85/140

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 
The Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage is a combination of massage techniques and aromatic oils designed to instantly relieve tension in both the neck and shoulders.
25 minutes | EUR 75

Foot Reflex Massage
Focusing on the reflex zones of the feet, which correlate to areas of the body. This massage is perfect after a day of intense sporting activities, hiking, or travel.
25 minutes | EUR 75


For spa treatment reservations, please contact us at T +49 (0) 8652 9755 1300 or [email protected].