Kempinski Art Gallery

Kempinski Art Gallery

In collaboration with World of Arts Gallery, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta proudly presents Kempinski Art Gallery.

The painting exhibition features fine-art paintings of world-renowned artists which are inspired by Indonesia's current affairs.

Everyone is welcome to visit the Kempinski Art Gallery at our Heritage Room until 30 June 2019.

For sales inquiries or any further assistance, please feel free to contact our Lady in Red team on +62 21 2358 3800 or by email at or Penny Wen from World of Arts Gallery on +62 812 1860 3043.


Born in Majalengka, West Java, February 23, 1962. His art education was taken at IKIP (UPI) Bandung, West Java (1981), but only two years he went to college. In 1983, he moved to the department of Painting FSRD ITB. He is known as a creative person. This is reflected in the hope of his paintings. For example, since 1980, he explored hospitals to be the subject of painting in a way, peeking at the details, recording the blue-blotations of human helplessness inhabiting them. The results of his exploration and then pour into the canvas, a painting of impressionistic style of inspiration, so no wonder if he is often identified as an icon artists 'The Perfect Explorer'. This Artwork is describing the parliament meeting that can take such a long time because of the different political parties involved.


Dwi Martono, born in Kebumen, March 8, 1965, has moved to Jogja since graduating from Junior High School Kebumen to continue to High School of Arts (SMSR) Jogja and graduated in 1986. Then in 1988 he attended the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) which he never finished His intensity as a painter start from Kebumen. Now, the father of 3 children who lives in Bugisan Jogja is preparing for his biggest painting exhibition at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (TBY)  One of Dwi Martono's great works is a gigantic 22.5 x 4 meter painting on canvas with acrylic paint. There are 4 paintings this size which is a phenomenal work. Two of them will be held in TBY in April. This exhibition of paintings that I made based on re-Interpretation of objects", explains Dwi Martono. The artwork dipslay in here describing the demonstration that happen quite often in Jakarta.


Born in Yogyakarta, Java in 1971. Erica started painting in primary school, joining a children’s drawing club (Sanggar Katamsi), which was taught by Suharto PR and Herry Wibowo – both established painters. Erica is hailed as one of the most promising artists from Indonesia. She studied painting at the prestigious Indonesian Fine Art Institute in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Surikov Institute of Art, Russia. Erica’s paintings are usually unpretentious expressions of herself and they reflect her experiences and interests. Her art may be childlike, but they are certainly not simplistic. Each work contains interesting narrative qualities, which reveal the worldview of the artist. Erica’s naive, playful renditions have ascertained her reputation as one of the most sought-after contemporary artists in South East Asia. Her Art is became favorite for art collector and always sold well in the auction house. This artwork display here showing that Indonesia is one of the country most famous for diving destination.


Fitrajaya Nusananta was born in the Province of Jambi (Central Sumatra, Indonesia) in 1967, and grew up in Riau and West-Sumatra. Since then he has moved many times, to other parts of the world. He received his first and most important training from his father, the painter Sabri Jamal and added an academic education in fine art at the University of Padang. In Europe he complemented his studies with various art courses and numerous visits to artistic centers and museums. Shortly after his graduation Fitrajaya started to show his paintings to the Dutch public in various solo and group expositions. Since then he has exposed numerous times, sometimes elsewhere in Europe (Belgium, Spain), sometimes in Asia (Indonesia, Korea).

Fitrajaya wants to express universal themes of the human psyche as these cover the essence of life. He wants to appeal to human emotions and consciousness, and this way contribute to a better understanding of the cultural and social arena in which we all participate. The dialogue between the artist and the audience is very essential for such an understanding: without interaction between the artist and society a painting would not have any meaning. Fitrajaya constructs hybrid images to stimulate personal interpretation: "I don't decide what people have to see, but merely provide the elements of a story I want to tell. Each person will thus see a different picture, and read a different story. When that happens art truly speaks to an audience and no longer is 'just a beautiful image' or a set of colors and spaces". This Artwork display the over crowded of Ibukota Jakarta.


Born in 1968, in Bojonegoro, East Java, Indonesia Graduated from the Indonesia Institute of Art (ISI) in Yogyakarta in 1988. Most of the figures depicted by Gatot are flat, reminiscent of the Wayang Kulit figures (traditional Javanese leather shadow puppets). We can also see traces of batik workmanship in his paintings. He arranges the figures like a puppet show, with each figure having its own personality and all interacting with one another as if in a play. The depiction of the floating figures, head looking upwards, implies a fairy tale and offer a sense of mystery, making his work interesting to explore. Gatot’s paintings exude the sweet smell of love and serenade songs. They also offer a sense of mystery, making his work interesting to explore. Gatot lives in Jakarta. This artwork is describing Women contribution in the development of Indonesia.


Born in Indonesia ( Ngawi ) in 1969, Hudi Alfa is another emerging talent whose previous jobs include movie poster illustrator, mural artist and portrait painter. He is multi-talented and gifted in whatever media or subject, ranging from realistic nudes to Impressionist landscapes.
His recent accomplishment, Bronze Award for Best Painting Of The Year 2016 by UOB Bank.
The artist use strong of expressive brushstrokes to create multi-faceted textures and lines.
Hudi Alfa’s artworks are collected by reputable collectors in Indonesia and Asia.
Hudi Alfa’s artworks are regularly sold by well known auction house like 33 Auction (Singapore, Indonesia), Masterpiece (Singapore, Indonesia), Edge Auction (Malaysia) and others. This Artwork is describing the old train station in Jakarta.


Painter M. A. Hasby Fairuzha is his full name. His friends call him Boi. Leaving Solo to Padang, then to Medan for a solo exhibition, for him is not a tiring journey. This is a spiritual journey that aims to fill the faith of his art. Boi now lives in Solo, away from the artistic hubbub, as when he was still living in Yogyakarta.

The spirit of art has led him to exhibit to the big city of Medan with the social field of art. Sincerity become an artist, show in his art where he described the truth of life using his abstract code / style. All his existing arts are the result on actual life whether national or international scale. He felt immediately visible on the works that he created / displayed.
This particular art he described the bureaucracy in Indonesia.


Syayidin is the only painter from Indramayu who represents the West Java painters who will hold a painting exhibition in the Bushan City of South Korea. He receive the invitation from Korea with five other famous Indonesian artists on May 25 - June 3, 2018 later, he plan to bring the name of the nation and Indonesia abroad.
Stroking his fingers on the canvas later, in addition to featuring a national theme will also feature the culture, art and objects of tourism in Indramayu according to the man born in Indramayu 1967

Father of three children, he said painting is the breath of his life that can not be separated from his daily life. Through canvas media, he has raised himself to the line of famous painters in the country.
In fact, after the exhibition in South Korea, the plan will fly in Europe to perform painting exhibitions. Among these, Paris City France, Belgium and Zealand. Momentum of this kind, should really be utilized to the maximum considering a pride of its own through the achievements it has. The artwork display here depicting the Indonesian traditional dance.


Sugiyanto, a painter from Bengkulu born in Sleman Yogyakarta on 1 March 1954 became one of the artist who exhibited his work in the exhibition of painting entitled Spetrum Palem-Jambi held by the Journalist Association of Indonesia (PWI) of South Sumatra in cooperation with Artist Lukis Tiga Kota and Pemrov Sumsel

Sugiyanto said already more than 70 cities stopped by to showcase the work. "My work is inspired many day-to-day life and daily needs," said alumnus STSRI ASRI Yogyakarta
In addition, the art adviser in Bengkulu said some of his work is much in demand by collectors and officials in Bengkulu, including former President of RI who is also the 2009-2004 RI presidential candidate, Megawati Soekarno Putri. Megawati recognized Sugiyanto collecting his work entitled Raflesia Flower. This artwork portray the old style of transportation that heading to destroy field.


He started to paint under guidance of painter Barli Kartasasmita since 1982 until 1989. And then he started painting anatomy from Japanese painter and photographer (1989-1992). He also studied Bali painter from Ida Bagus Suadjana and I Gusti Matre (1994-1995). Since 1984-2005 he actively joins several group and solo exhibitions, his art sold widely through auction houses in Asia but also lot of collector from Europe and US.

Exhibition :
2014 Group Exhibition With World Of Arts, Gran Melia Hotel Jakarta
2014 Group Exhibition With World Of Arts, Four Season Hotel Jakarta
2013 Group Exhibition With World Of Arts, Four Season Hotel Jakarta
2010 “Wathathitha” acrobatic family at Barli Museum, Bandung
2007 Group Exhibition at The Millenium Charm WTC Building, Jakarta
2004 Group Exhibition at Hotel Mulia, Jakarta
2000 “ Rona Tiga Bersaudara “ at Koong Gallery, Hotel Gran Melia Jakarta
2000 Lake Toba Foundation auction exhibition at Hotel Sahid, Jakarta

Awards :
2012 Finalists UOB Painting of The Year, UOB Bank, Jakarta
1999 Award from Presidential Palace

This artwork is showing Indonesia is farmers during the harvest season.

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