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Kempinski in the News

05 Jun 2023

Paulaner Bräuhaus Unveils a New Menu Offering the True Bavarian Lifestyle in Beijing

Beijing, 25 May 2023 – To usher in the arrival of the summer season, Paulaner Bräuhaus Beijing in Kempinski Hotel Beijing Yansha Center is thrilled to unveil a new à la carte menu with more than a dozen new dishes, created by Executive Sous Chef Maik Lilienthal and Executive Chef Daniel Leibssle. The menu features an array of authentic Bavarian sharing platters, chef’s specials, snacks and renewed homebrewed beers.  

Great company, freshly tapped beer, pretzels fresh from the oven and hearty platters with crispy pork knuckle and house-made sausages on a sunny day in the Paulaner beer garden is exactly how the Munich lifestyle defines itself and exactly what guests may experience in the restaurant.

“For more than 30 years, Paulaner has been part of Kempinski’s gastronomical concepts and has earned its reputation as the preferred gathering destination in Beijing,” said Chef Maik. “We have upgraded the iconic super stars, whilst adding more authentic favourites. With our new menu, newly refurbished terrace garden, and the beautiful Liangma river, there’s no better place to spend summer than with us here at Kempinski!”

Truly Bavaria

As the benchmark of German cuisine in the capital, Paulaner Bräuhaus Beijing focuses on the true flavour of Bavaria. Its signature dish, Crackling roasted pork knuckle, is one of the most famous German-style dishes in China, following the classic German recipe with a half-day cooking process. The pork knuckle is well marinated in salt and steamed for several hours in order to cook it tender and melt the fat under the skin. Then, it will be roasted in the oven until the skin is golden. Finally, guests will enjoy impressive bites of tender, juicy meat, melting fat and crispy skin with flavourful homebrewed dark beer gravy. 

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For group gatherings, guests may choose the iconic Paulaner Bräuhaus butcher platter combing various kinds of hearty meats and sausages, specially designed for parties and casual get-togethers. As well as golden roasted pork knuckle, guest may share smoked pork loin, Bavarian meatloaf, sausage snails, Thuringian bratwurst, Frankfurter sausages and Nuremberg sausages, which are homemade in our own butchery, following the classic German recipes and methods with high-quality raw materials to create authentic flavours.  

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The new rising star is the premium Bavarian meatloaf burger. Like the “BLT” (bacon, lettuce and tomato) sandwich for Americans, Bavarians also have their favourite, the “LKW”, Leberkäswecken. Between the two brown chewy pretzel buns, there are two pieces of thick, juicy meatloaf with melted cheese on top, a fried sunny side-up egg, pickled cucumber, layers of zesty relish, braised onions, fresh lettuce and tomatoes and some spicy mustard.  It will take you to Munich with just one bite!

A real Bavarian journey cannot be complete without beer. The German brewing art is one of the most important parts of Paulaner Bräuhaus Beijing. The restaurant has its own in-house brewery, and every single drop of beer is freshly brewed by brew masters strictly following the Bavarian Beer Purity Law, using these and only these ingredients: hops from the Hallertau region, Munich yeast, brewing malt and the purest water. More than six million litres of homebrewed Lager, Dark Lager, Wheat beer and specials, such as festival beer, have been served in the restaurant to date.

No Longer Just a Beer

At Paulaner Bräuhaus, the exclusive homebrewed beer can be enjoyed not only in a glass but throughout the menu. Used as an important ingredient, Chef Maik incorporated Paulaner’s freshly brewed beer into the authentic recipes.

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A special beer batter can make ingredients tender inside and crispy outside. Try the new Bavarian crispy spring chicken, which is marinated with garlic, lemon and ginger overnight, then sous-vide cooked in a low temperature for 3 hours to keep all of the umami in the juice and, finally, deep fried with Paulaner beer batter and imported breadcrumbs. Same as the German style Fish & Chips, with homemade tartar sauce, and the “best friend of beer”, the Fried onion rings. Paired with Paulaner’s original Beer cocktail and you have an excellent summer combination to enjoy in the beer garden.

Chef’s Specials

The Chefs are proud to recommend two specials from their hometowns. The first one is Braised beef roulade. It’s a traditional German dish and the recipe is from Chef Maik’s grandmother, featuring a thinly cut slice of beef with mustard, bacon, braised onions and pickled cucumber. The filling is enclosed by rolling it up and slow-simmering it in a very rich gravy.

Another highlight is Chef Daniel’s homemade German Gruyere cheese Spätzle. Cheese spätzle, or Käsespätzle in German, is one of the most popular dishes from the Swabia region, from where Chef Daniel hails. It’s a cook-to-order handmade dish. Guests can enjoy delicious cheesy noodles with extra melted cheese and caramelised crispy onions on top.

Along with the scrumptious meat dishes, which Paulaner Bräuhaus is famous for, guests can also find various vegetarian choices on the new menu. Highlights include Paulaner’s Salad Platter, featuring cucumber salad, carrot salad, Bavarian potato salad, Bavarian radish salad and Franconian cabbage salad, as well as Mushroom cream soup with morel, Farmers omelette with omega 3 eggs and fresh black truffle and traditional Laugen bread dumplings with ragout of creamy mushrooms.

The new menu is now available at Paulaner Bräuhaus Beijing. For reservations or more information, please call 01064653388.

About Paulaner Bräuhaus

For over 30 years, the iconic Paulaner Bräuhaus has been serving Beijing authentic Bavarian cuisine. The first flagship of Paulaner Bräuhaus in China has been brewing beer ensured by Bavarian purity laws, providing loyal customers with superior taste and quality, glass after glass, whilst the authentic pretzels, sausages and pork knuckles satisfy, dish after dish. In addition, the brew house is also well-known for its annual festivals and celebrations, including the summer sports season, Maifest, Oktoberfest and a New Year’s party. Events throughout the year draw thousands of people to Paulaner Bräuhaus’s restaurant and terrace to enjoy live music, hearty food and craft beer in the city’s vibrant atmosphere.


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