Kempinski in the News

Kempinski in the News

05 Jun 2023

Kempinski Hotel Beijing Hosts Three-Week Ningbo Food Festival

Beijing, China, 5 June 2023 – From 5 to 25 June, Dragon Palace, the Chinese restaurant of Kempinski Hotel Beijing Yansha Center, will house guest chef and Zhejiang culinary master Mo Chenkai, who will bring the distinct flavours of Ningbo to the capital city during the three-week long Ningbo Food Festival.

Ningbo, a city in southern China, is known for its unique terroir. It has crafted a culinary heritage that showcases the perfect blend of freshness and savoury flavours. Situated along the coast of the East China Sea and in close proximity to the renowned Zhoushan fishing ground, Ningbo boasts an abundance of seafood. Yongbang cuisine, the local specialty, is renowned for its mastery of salty and fresh flavours, often utilising salted or fermented seafood and vegetables.

‘We take great pride in our culinary offerings, and the collaboration with renowned chefs and restaurants shows our commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences,’ said Allen Tao, deputy general manager of Kempinski Hotel Beijing. ‘Through the Ningbo Food Festival, we aim to bring the refined flavours of Ningbo to our discerning guests and the local community, further enriching Beijing’s vibrant food scene’.

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Guest chef Mo Chenkai, currently the Chinese executive chef of Ningbo Nanyuan Universal Hotel, is well-known for his innovation and artistic approach to cuisine and seafood dishes. His expertise and dedication to preserving culinary traditions while infusing his creations with unique flavours make him the perfect ambassador for Ningbo cuisine.

The Ningbo Food Festival will be held from 5 to 25 June at Dragon Palace, offering both lunch and dinner options. Guests can indulge in a tantalising array of a la carte dishes or opt for the specially curated set meals. The set meals are priced at 588 yuan for 1 to 2 people and 1588 yuan for 5 to 6 people, providing a perfect opportunity to explore the authentic flavours of Ningbo in a delightful communal setting.

Join us at Dragon Palace and embark on a culinary journey that showcases the rich heritage and distinctive tastes of Ningbo. For reservations or further information, please contact Dragon Palace, Kempinski Hotel Beijing Yansha Center at 010-64653388 or email [email protected].

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About Dragon Palace:

The Dragon Palace restaurant offers impeccable dining experiences in Beijing. The restaurant is decorated with antique furniture and Chinese art, creating a serene atmosphere enhanced by an outdoor Chinese landscaped garden. Three private rooms are also available for special events. Leading the culinary scene as a pioneer in Cantonese cuisine, the restaurant is known for its dim sum lunch, as well as its local delicacy Royal Peking roast duck.


About Kempinski Hotel Beijing Yansha Center: Kempinski Hotel Beijing Yansha Center opened its doors in 1992, becoming the first European five-star hotel in Beijing. The hotel is located in the heart of Chaoyang District, in the East Third Ring Road, in the diplomatic and business area. Kempinski Hotel Beijing houses 480 newly renovated guestrooms and suites, ten fully equipped banquet and conference facilities, two private gardens and six international restaurants and bars. After the completed full renovation in May 2019, Kempinski Hotel Beijing was awarded ‘2019 Best Business Hotel’ by Business Traveller. Known for a perfect mix of luxury, comfort and cultural diversity under one roof, Kempinski Hotel Beijing is the preferred choice for heads of state and royal family visits, while Kempinski Hotel Beijing’s annual events, including the Vienna Ball and Oktoberfest, simply embody European culture within Beijing. The hotel shares the Beijing Yansha Center complex, with offices, apartments and showrooms, You Yi Shopping City, banks, airline offices, a 24-hour medical centre, a health club and a kindergarten.

About Kempinski: Created in 1897, Kempinski Hotels is Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group. Kempinski’s rich heritage of impeccable personal service and superb hospitality is complemented by the exclusivity and individuality of its properties. Today the Kempinski Group operates 82 hotels and residences in 35 countries and currently has more than 25 prestigious projects under development around the globe. Each five star hotel reflects the strength and success of the Kempinski brand without losing sight of its heritage; each one imbues the quality guests have come to expect from Kempinski while embracing the cultural traditions of its location. The portfolio comprises historic landmark properties, award-winning urban lifestyle hotels, outstanding resorts and prestigious residences. Kempinski is a founding member of the Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), the world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands.

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