Wellness Journeys

Wellness Journeys

Our body treatments feature organic ingredients such as Kenyan coffee and baobab oil.

Your Kenyan Journeys

Immerse yourself in luxury and blissful relaxation with one of our crafted wellness journeys.

The Tree of Life Journey Scrub – Bespoke Massage – Facial

This journey combines a Kenyan coffee body scrub with a bespoke massage treatment using locally sourced baobab oil from the baobab, also known as the ‘Tree of Life’, famed for its regenerative properties. Followed by a Hydra Boost Express Facial or bespoke facial to leave you with skin that glows from top to toe. 

110/140 Minutes 17,000/19,000 

130/160 Minutes 20,000/21,500

The Revitalising Coffee Journey Scrub and Body Mask – Bespoke Massage

This treatment is based on the therapeutic benefits of organic Kenyan coffee, known for its antioxidant and revitalising properties. A coffee scrub is combined with a luxurious body mask rich in caffeine, restorative oils and butters to hydrate and nourish your skin. Finish with a bespoke massage. 

100 Minutes 15,500 

130 Minutes 17,500

The Complete Journey Scrub – Body Mask – Bespoke Massage – Facial

This top to toe treatment combines a coffee scrub and body mask with a bespoke massage to relieve muscle tension and relax your mind. Finish with a Hydra Boost or bespoke facial to refresh and revive your and leave you with a sense of complete wellbeing. 

150 Minutes 25,000 

130/180 minutes 20,000/ 27,000 

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