Beauty & Body Treatments

Beauty & Body Treatments

Allow your body to unwind and give yourself some precious moments of total pampering.

Indulge yourself with our rejuvenating beauty treatments! Manicure, pedicure or a wide range of exclusive beauty treatments provide head-to-toe pampering and will enchant all the senses!

Spring Clean Scrub
Clearing away energy is the focus of the Spring Clean Scrub. This detoxing treatment eliminates dead skin cells and refreshes the skin and body.
50 minutes EUR 95

Summer Cool Wrap
The body is generously encased within a cooling serum before being covered with a light wrap. Whilst the specialised ingredients activate, the face is cleansed and re-hydrated with a refreshing gel.
50 minutes EUR 95

Winter Fleece Wrap
A comforting thermal clay is applied to gently warm the body and give nourishing relief to stiff joints. During this wrap, the face is cleansed and a rich rehydrating facial moisturiser is applied to feed the skin and seal in moisture.
50 minutes EUR 95

Autumn Flame Scrub
This body scrub removes dead skin cells whilst aiding in the on going process of cellular renewal. Powerful, active ingredients such as sea salt, papaya and mandarin work together to speed up the elimination process. An application of a body
hydrator gives the skin a subtle glow.
50 minutes EUR 95

Seasonal Body Combination
Choose from any Seasonal Body Scrub or Wrap and combine with any 50 minute Seasonal Massage.
80 minutes EUR 175

Hands & Feet
Express Manicure 25 minutes - EUR 45
Express Pedicure 25 minutes - EUR 55
Classic Manicure 50 minutes - EUR 75
Classic Pedicure 50 minutes - EUR 85
Men’s Manicure 50 minutes - EUR 75
Men’s Pedicure 50 minutes - EUR 85
Nail Polish 15 minutes - EUR 30
Gel Shellac Polish 25 minutes - EUR 40
Gel Shallac Removal 15 minutes - EUR 30

Face 15 20
Under Arm 15 minutes - EUR 20
Upper Arm 15 minutes - EUR 20
Full Arm 30 minutes - EUR 40
Half Leg 30 minutes - EUR 40
Full Leg 45 minutes - EUR 60
Bikini 30 minutes - EUR 40
Back or Chest 30 minutes - EUR 40

Eyebrow Shape 15 minutes - EUR 20
Eyebrow Tint 15 minutes - EUR 20
Eyelash Tint 15 minutes - EUR 25
Lash & Brow Tint 25 minutes - EUR 40

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