Selvert Facial Treatments

Selvert Facial Treatments

These treatments are unique individual journeys where you will discover the power of the touch in a personalized experience that harmonize and balance your body.

Selvert Facial Treatments


Enjoy skin cleansing, deep cleansing with vapor, and peeling after a skin test. The individual care Programme is suitable for every type of skin, frees the skin from toxins, moisturizes it, and gives it a soft and silky appearance. Combined with different care types, Classic Care Programmes relieve swelling and wrinkles and return the skin to its lively appearance. The Classic Skin Care Programmes include the "Men's Care" Programme special for men.

Duration: 55 min.


Enjoy skin cleansing, deep cleansing with vapor, and peeling after a skin test. Care programs covered by Selvert are special care programs administrated for specific skin requirements. You'll start feeling the effects of the Special Skin Care Programmes as soon as they are administered. The positive effects on your skin, such as intense moisturizing, lifting, and wrinkling smoothing, will be maintained for long periods of time.

  • Selvert Aqua 21
  • Optimale DNA Vital
  • Vitasphares C Treatment

Duration: 55 min.


These programs involve essences that contain collagen, a substance necessary for skin support that increases the generation of anti-aging hormones in the skin. Pure collagen intensely moisturizes and tightens the skin, smoothening wrinkles and clarifying facial features. Le Elixir Anti-Aging care involves the process of giving the skin a young appearance through herbal hormones derived from moss. The natural aging process of the skin is slowed down.

  • Cell Vitale Anti-Age
  • Cell Vitale Hydratante
  • Cell Vitale Purfiant
  • Hyaluronic Ligne
  • Peptide Ultra Lifting

Duration: 55 min.


This treatment provides softening and refreshing care for the sensitive area around the eyes. Lymphatic drainage is conducted to soften the area around the eyes during care.

Duration: 40 min.


Pure gold is a secret used by privileged and wealthy people for centuries in order to have young and beautiful skin. The developments in technology and the chemical industry make it possible to use this ancient secret today, too. Moreover, you don’t need to be a queen anymore to use to this secret. Gold prevents the sagging of the skin by slowing down the potent inhibitors of collagen and elastic corruption. Creating a robust and healthy skin cell by triggering cell proliferation in the basal layer provides a tightening effect on the skin. The skin with gamma-PGA is removed with the formula of gold superior hydration. While keeping skin smoother and more elastic, the formula moisturizes and gives the skin a glowing appearance. Gold helps to prevent premature aging of the skin by fighting free radicals that can harm the skin. Provides gleaming skin and a glittering appearance

Duration: 55 min.

These treatments are not included in the All-Inclusive Concept. For more information and reservations, please contact our spa team on T at +90 242 710 13 00 or via email at [email protected]

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