Selvert Body Treatments

Selvert Body Treatments

Let your body rejuvenate as you regain all the energy you need through Sanitas Spa’s exclusive body treatments.

Selvert Body Treatments


By applying seaweed in the micro-granular form, the body is purified of toxins and tightens up, and the treatment also stimulates metabolism. It helps diminish water and fat deposits, and at the same time, it has the characteristics of effective moistening. The skin and the tissues are fed with minerals and elements the body is in need of and it effectively increases the feeling.

Duration: 55 min. / 75 min.


Feel the power of nature on your body. You will almost notice the energy right from your kitchen to your body. Your whole body will experience pampering, intense moisture, and minerals with the delicious scents of the delicatessen series.

Duration: 75 min.


For intensive silhouette refining, this gel wrap is rich in marine minerals and vitamins and detoxifies the body. It is ideal for firming slack muscle tone and relieving tired and heavy legs.

Duration: 50 min.


This treatment protects against the loss of skin elasticity and can return the body to its original form for professional women wanting to maintain epidermis tissue isometrically. It protects binding proteins, determines the contours of the skin, and prevents the loss of elasticity.

Duration: 75 min.


Colored mud masks made using red and grey mud are used on the area according to the regional needs of the body. Bodybuilding is a way of activating the region in line with your needs. Your body will be tightened and feel thinner. Starting with peeling and continuing with an active fitness massage, the mask is applied to the activated regions. The mask is applied to the activated regions. Active intense massage movements create slimming and firming effects in the regional areas of your body.

Duration: 75 min.

These treatments are not included in the All-Inclusive Concept. For more information and reservations, please contact our spa team on T at +90 242 710 13 00 or via email at [email protected]

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