Sanitas Signature Massages

Sanitas Signature Massages

Indulge your spirit and restore balance to your mind, body and soul...

Sanitas Signature Massages


This is a slow, gentle full-body massage using a variety of aromatic oils extracted from Mediterranean plants, endowing both spiritual and physical relaxation.

Duration: 55 min


The purpose of lymph drainage is to reactivate the body’s lymph system. The lymph does not only have the effect of discharging the water in the body, softening it, and removing the toxins, but it is also the carrier of the whole defense system of the organism.

Duration: 40 min. / 55 min.


This is an intensive massage for the stomach, thighs, and legs. It slims down the body, eliminates excess adipose deposits, stimulates circulation, reduces water retention, and relieves muscle fatigue.

Duration: 40 min./ 55 min.


This is a muscle-relaxing and stress-relieving massage incorporating both soft and strong techniques. The goal is to relax the tissues by massaging them with your choice of aromatic oils.

Duration: 40 min.


This message is creative and relaxing. The primary aim of this massage is to accelerate blood circulation. The muscle, nerves, and vertebrae are treated with ice compresses and support bandages. Special sports massage techniques are applied, the muscles are strengthened, muscle functions are measured tennis arms are treated, etc.

Duration: 40 min. / 55 min.


This is a concentrated foot massage performed using special techniques. By focusing on specific points on your feet, any tension that you have can be relieved.

Duration: 40 min/ 55 min.

These treatments are not included in the All-Inclusive Concept. For more information and reservations, please contact our spa team on T at +90 242 710 13 00 or via email at [email protected]

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