Serenity and inner harmony


Harmonise your body, mind and soul in our guided yoga classes. Our meditative techniques for mental concentration and physical exercises to improve strength and flexibility create an atmosphere of calm and deep relaxation. 
Our baroque ambience on the Beletage lets you experience a unique combination of tradition and relaxation. Admire the view of the historic old town of Dresden under sparkling chandeliers while doing something good for your body.

Our approach is holistic and revolves around four main components, each of which offers unique benefits and complements each other. The physical exercises, also known as asanas, help to improve flexibility, strengthen muscles and correct posture. By consciously performing these exercises, you can become more mindful of your body and give it the attention it deserves.

Breathing exercises, also known as pranayama, play a crucial role in regulating the rhythm of breathing and increasing the body’s oxygen supply. By consciously controlling your breathing and focusing on it, you can not only reduce stress, but also increase your energy and improve your mental clarity.

Concentration and focus, also known as meditation, is an essential part of our courses. Through various meditative techniques and mindfulness exercises, we help you to calm your mind, let go of distracting thoughts and find deep inner peace. This allows you to focus on the moment and develop your mental strength.

Relaxation and regeneration exercises can help you to recover and recharge your batteries after intense physical and mental exertion. These practices help to release tension, reduce stress and achieve deep relaxation of body, mind and soul.

Our experienced teachers will guide you on this path and support you in fully realising the transformative power of yoga. 

Please note that our yoga classes can currently be booked only upon request.