Day Spa

Day Spa

An oasis of relaxation

Day Spa

Welcome to the oasis of the Taschenbergpalais Spa, a sanctuary that promises carefree relaxation, warmth and an atmosphere of complete well-being. Immerse yourself and be enchanted by our variety of facilities designed to pamper your senses and soothe your mind. Here, you can escape the stresses of everyday life and concentrate fully on your relaxation.

Our spa has two Finnish saunas, offering a true treat for both body and soul with their pleasant heat and relaxing atmosphere. Immerse yourself and feel your muscles regenerate, allowing any tension from the day to simply melt away. For those who prefer soothing humidity, a steam bath is available to cleanse your skin and deepen your breath.

In addition to the saunas, we provide an infrared cabin that complements your relaxation experience with its gentle warmth and health benefits. The infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin, promoting blood circulation, relieving muscle tension and supporting the body's detoxification.

Following your visit to the sauna or steam bath, we invite you to relax on soft loungers in the relaxation room, leaving the stress of everyday life behind you for good. Here, you can unwind in peace, meditate or simply enjoy the silence as your body and mind regenerate.

For a refreshing break, our pool bar offers a selection of invigorating drinks. Enjoy a cooling lemonade or sparkling water with fresh fruit–here, you will find just the right beverage to quench your thirst and complete your wellness day.

Guests who book our day spa receive a fluffy bathrobe, towels, slippers and high-quality body care products for use during their stay, allowing them to concentrate fully on their spa experience without having to worry about the details. However, we kindly ask that you book in advance to ensure optimal preparation for your stay, guaranteeing the best possible experience in our spa.


38 EUR per person

Opening hours:

Mon - Sun 07:00 - 22:00