Wine Adventures

Wine Adventures

Enjoy tasty wines in the midst of the Saxon vineyards during the warmer months of the year.

Historic vineyards in and arround Dresden

Historic vineyard landscapes of Radebeul
The large district town of Radebeul borders Dresden directly to the west, with historic vineyards stretching through it at an elevation of 70 to 80 meters. The entire area has been an important part of the culture of Saxony for 850 years and stretches far beyond Radebeul. Today it is a protected monument and still has great value for the high-quality wine cultivation of the Saxons. Its numerous hiking trails are considered to be one of the most popular in the surrounding area of Dresden and are always worth a recommendation. In addition to the wineries, the area has also been the home of cellars for almost 200 years, demonstrating the art of making bubbly.
If you decide to spend a day in Radebeul's wine country, more than just an extensive walk is waiting for you, obviously. There is the option of visiting Wackerbarth Castle, which is famous for its wines and bubbly. Visiting other wineries and cellars is also considered to be worthwhile. 
People interested in astronomy are also welcome to visit the Radebeul observatory to watch the sky at night and enjoy the view in the dark.

Wine Festival Radebeul 
Every year, the town of Radebeul hosts an autumn and wine festival that lasts several days and attracts thousands of people. Culinary specialities are combined with artistic performances in the form of theatre and drama. Popular wines are presented to the crowd on these days. The various stages are sure to have offerings for any taste. A cheerful atmosphere is guaranteed!

Proschwitz Castle
The landscape of vineyards continues to the north of Meissen. There you can find the oldest private winery in Saxony, which belonged to the bishop himself for a long time: the Proschwitz Winery and Castle. To this day, its wines are considered a sign of quality and regionality and are definitely worth a taste. 
In the castle's vinotheque you can taste various wines, but also spirits and bubbly, and enjoy the Elbe valley landscape along the way. From time to time, events and even concerts are held in the castle's facilities, for which your visit would pay off twice. There are also several hiking opportunities in the surrounding area to take a closer look at the vineyards and capture the sensations first hand. You also have the opportunity to enjoy a bottle in our hotel and experience the excellent taste of the Proschwitz winery.