Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan in the News

Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan in the News

19 Aug 2022

Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan 9th Anniversary Concert and Customer Appreciation Party

The evening of 19 August 2022, Taiyuan - Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan has celebrated its ninth anniversary concert and customer appreciation party with Benz.

In the past nine years, the hotel has been adhering to the concept of providing a luxurious taste trip for guests and meticulously customized services, and has received business travellers from all over the world, presenting guests with European-style luxury services combined with local culture and timeless elegance

In the early autumn, accompanied by a pleasant violin melody, the prelude to this event was kicked off. Mr. Alvaro Rautenberg, General Manager of Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan, sincerely thanked all guests and partners for their support for the hotel in the past nine years. He said: "Since the opening of the hotel in 2013, we have been constantly seeking new goals and creating new traditions. We have been committed to creating the best services for our guests and providing a luxurious and memorable living experience. We also thank our guests and partners. It is everyone’s support and trust that makes us successful, and in the future we will also uphold the service concept of the Kempinski brand to better serve every guest.”

The wonderful moments of the nine years seem to be vividly remembered. At the beginning of the concert, the guests were also surrounded by delicious food and wine, which allowed the hotel to show its exquisite catering products and professional banquet services.

In 2022, during this special period, the Kempinski Group implemented the "White Glove Plan" at Kempinski hotels around the world to ensure and protect the health, safety and comfort of guests, while also effectively reducing risk. The Kempinski Discovery Journey also provides a quick upgrade for members, allowing guests to immerse themselves in an exclusive journey, like being at home. On 1 August 2022 Kempinski launched its "Double Wonderful, Enjoy Upgrade "activity, ending on 30 September 2022. During this period, those who completed a booking and stayed in the hotel; could enjoy double points, quickly upgrade their membership level; and have the opportunity to get more rewards for exploration trips.

We carefully craft contemporary customised services for guests’ enjoyment, presenting extraordinary and unique regional colours, while retaining the elegance of European services, and constantly bringing surprises to guests. We let guests experience colourful moments throughout their stay, right from the time they check in, and allow them to be immersed in the local customs, before they continue their travels.

Nine years of glory. Thanks for the opportunity of having you stay with us. Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan sincerely invites everyone to continue to write beautiful chapters and create a perfect performance in the days to come.