Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan in the News

Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan in the News

18 Aug 2023

Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan 10th Anniversary

Taiyuan, 18-Augest- 2023 –Amidst the splendor of August 18th, Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan played host to a grand celebration marking its glorious 10-year milestone. Across this decade-long journey, esteemed corporate allies and distinguished VIPs, representing myriad spheres of society, convened to bear witness to Kempinski Hotel's resolute march forward, culminating in a legacy of unwavering triumph.

Gratitude echoed amidst the crescendo of a ceremonious affair, where jubilation intertwined with the pinnacle of excellence.

A symphony of jubilant revelry unfolded. Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan, steadfast in its commitment to cultural fusion, seamlessly melded European roots and charm with indigenous flair. Within the event, the melodies of a European ensemble intertwined with the mystique of traditional Chinese face-changing performances, enchanting guests with the duality of Eastern and Western allure.

As the evening commenced, guests were regaled with epicurean delights and vintage wines, each morsel and libation a testament to the hotel's culinary finesse and impeccable service.

Amidst animated exchanges, the raffle ignited a fervor of applause and cheers, underscoring the symbiotic relationship between Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan and its cherished guests. With a decade of triumphs, buoyed by the unwavering support of clientele and friends of Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan alike, the hotel bonds with its loyal clientele, an ethos exemplified by the lavish prizes bestowed upon fortunate guests.

Amidst reflections on the past, the call to embark upon fresh horizons resonated.

"As we commemorate the 10th anniversary, Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan finds itself transported through time. Throughout this exciting decade, our unwavering commitment to deliver European service and craftmanship indelible, opulent experiences for our guests has remained our lodestar. To our patrons and partners, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for a decade of shared journeys—it is the unwavering support and trust that fuels our success. As we chart a course forward, let it be known that we steadfastly uphold the hallowed tenets of the Kempinski brand, ensuring an even more transcendent experience for each guest who graces our threshold," proclaimed General Manager Álvaro Rautenberg, his words suffused with the promise of an exciting future ahead.


About Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan: Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan is located in the heart of the “Dragon City”. It is a contemporary luxury hotel that is ideal for both business and leisure travellers and blends European flair with Chinese traditions. The hotel is close to many shopping centres, such as Tianmei Plaza, Fashion Walk, Wangfujing, Parkson and Lufthansa Centre, as well as upscale office buildings. Shanxi International Exhibition Centre is only 3km away and Taiyuan Wusu International Airport can be reached in 20 minutes by car. As a landmark building and the first luxury five-star hotel in Taiyuan, Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan is the premier choice for large enterprises and government offices for accommodation, business, meetings and exhibitions.

About Kempinski: Created in 1897, Kempinski Hotels is Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group. Kempinski’s rich heritage of impeccable personal service and superb hospitality is complemented by the exclusivity and individuality of its properties. Today the Kempinski Group operates 82 hotels and residences in 35 countries and currently has more than 25 prestigious projects under development around the globe. Each five star hotel reflects the strength and success of the Kempinski brand without losing sight of its heritage; each one imbues the quality guests have come to expect from Kempinski while embracing the cultural traditions of its location. The portfolio comprises historic landmark properties, award-winning urban lifestyle hotels, outstanding resorts and prestigious residences. Kempinski is a founding member of the Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), the world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands.

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