Seasonal Massages

Seasonal Massages

Kempinski The Spa is a journey inspired by the European cycle of the seasons. Drawing on the elemental wisdom of nature, our treatments both invoke and restore the body's natural equilibrium.

Spring Balancing
This balancing massage is based on flowing, soothing strokes and kneading for the larger muscle groups of the legs and back to encourage ease of movement.

Summer Energising
This classic deep tissue massage is both energising and releasing, and is specifically designed to focus on painful joints or stiffness in the body as required. This therapeutic body treatment includes a warming foot balm to soothe active, tired feet.    

Autumn Detoxing
This is a detoxifying and uplifting massage that works on the lymphatic system.  Our therapeutic treatment commences with a dry body brushing designed to awaken your body’s elimination system and clear away the excesses of summer, for increased vitality and a health boost before winter sets in.

Winter Relaxing
This nurturing aromatherapy massage focuses on achieving deep levels of relaxation, relieving both mental and physical fatigue. The massage includes a therapeutic head massage that works on cranial pressure points to alleviate signs of stress and helps you unwind completely, and is excellent for those having trouble sleeping restfully.