15th Anniversary|Build with Smile

15th Anniversary|Build with Smile

18 May 2023

Build with Smile|Kempinski Hotel Suzhou 15th Anniversary

 18 May 2023 At the Kempinski Hotel Suzhou, the captivating melody of music filled the air. The "Time Knows No Boundaries, Named After Love" charity concert was held to commemorate the hotel's 15th anniversary, resonating with the symphony of love. The concert was jointly organized by Suzhou School for the Blind and Deaf, Suzhou Gusu District Special Education School, New Fusion Orchestra, and Kempinski Hotel Suzhou, to gather the power of love and achieve eternal elegance.

The event began with an opening speech by Ms. Wang Sissi, the resident manager of the hotel, followed by heartfelt thanks and blessings expressed by Ms. Qu Hong, the representative of the hotel's owners, on behalf of Jinji Lake Hotel Group.

Ms. Bao Kui, vice principal of Suzhou School for the Blind and Deaf, was specially invited to the event. Over the years, the hotel has been fulfilling its social responsibility and will take this opportunity to sign a school-enterprise cooperation agreement with Suzhou School for the Blind and Deaf. In the future, more students will come to the hotel to work, learn, and grow.

Subsequently, the children from Suzhou School for the Blind and Deaf performed on stage, including a solo flute performance of "Good News," a small ensemble of wind instruments performing "White Pigeon and the Young Boy," and a children's choir performance of "Wishes Granted" accompanied by the professional orchestra New Fusion. Their angelic voices, accompanied by piano, erhu, and flute, moved the audience. 

Amidst the singing of birthday wishes, the management cut the hotel's 15th birthday cake, expressing their collective wish for a better future for the hotel.

The second half of the concert was performed by the New Fusion Orchestra. Established in Suzhou, the New Fusion Orchestra is a new type of ensemble that embodies the concept of "new fusion" in terms of instrument combination, repertoire, and performance style, presenting a blend of acoustic Chinese and Western instruments with electronic keyboards as the main carrier. The concert featured performances of "Beautiful Taihu Lake," "Jasmine Flower," "Fly Me to the Moon," and other pieces.

Towards the end of the event, the hotel management conducted a lucky draw, the prizes being vouchers from sister hotels within the Kempinski Group, inviting guests to experience the unique features of Kempinski hotels in different locations. Additionally, the guests were introduced to everlasting flower frames handmade by the children from Suzhou Special Education School, bearing witness to profound love.

Kempinski Hotel Suzhou will always provide exceptional service and unforgettable experiences for every guest, continuously striving, surpassing itself, and offering more surprising and joyful moments.