Sightseeing Tour

Sightseeing Tour

Discover 2,500 years of rich history and cosmopolitan delights in Suzhou. Book a sightseeing tour to explore the city’s many charms by land and water.

Sightseeing Tour

To discover the 2500 years history and metropolitan excitements of Suzhou, book our sightseeing tour to explore the blending charm of this city…by land, by water, alone, with a group, all at your choice…

The Suzhou Gardens are situated at Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Suzhou is an ancient and beautiful city and the Suzhou gardens are well-known throughout the world. With over 170 gardens and sites such as the Lion Forest, Canglang (the blue sea waves) Pavilion, the Humble Administrator's Garden, Liu Garden, these gardens are the concentrated expression of the skilful design and artistic style of China.

The Humble Administrator's Garden, located at the northeast street of Suzhou City, is the biggest garden of Suzhou, which has won the fame of "Reputed Garden in the South of China" and "Cream Among the Gardens".

The Lion Forest is located along the Suzhou Garden Boulevard. There are strange stones resembling lions in the garden, hence the Lion Forest, famous for its artificial hills accumulated by the exquisite and skillfully shaped stones from the Taihu Lake.

Tiger Hill is situated in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is surrounded by water with pine and plum trees growing luxuriantly, recommended as the ¨The first scenic spot in Wu〃with its imposing beauty and its famous excursion center in China.

The Hanshan Temple is located in Fengqiao town outside the Suzhou city. The Hanshan Temple was constructed in the Jiannian Reign of the Liang Dynasty (502-519) with a history of over 1400 years.

Zhouzhuang (Water Village) is located in southwest Kunshan County in Jiangsu Province. Zhouzhuang is a famous town with famous rivers and lakes known all over South China.

Jinji Lake, the largest inland city lake in China, was named so because legend has that a golden rooster (Jinji) once fell into a boat on the lake. As the core area in SIP, Jinji Lake Scenic Area occupies 10 square kilometers. Jinji Lake Scenic Area layouts according to the city's business travel functions, so that SIP itself is a scenic area and business is done in a tour.

Cultural Convention & Exhibition Center is located by water in Culture Water Corridor, the center connects Red Maple Woods landscape with International Expo Center. With an area of over 150,000 square meters, the center combines grand theatre, cinema city, auditorium, business center, art hall, green land and other functional projects.