Sustainability at Soma Bay

Sustainability at Soma Bay

Sustainability is a significant bottom line for a better future and the happiness of future generations. 

Sustainability at Soma Bay


We depend on natural resources at work and for survival in our daily lives. This is why we need to protect the environment, present our measures and explain how you can help us do our best.

Let us start with some key facts and achievements:

We are committed to the three segments of sustainability

  • Environment
  1. Since seawater is precious to us, we purify it using a very advanced technology called "Osmosis Technology", which enabled us to diverge a water diversion of 6.01%.
  2. We installed water savers in all shower heads and water taps in all public areas! That's why we achieved a water saving of 9.7%.
  3. The seashell in your bedroom is a sign for our housekeeping team to change the sheets and towels in your room. Please place it on your bed or the bathroom floor whenever you want to change the bed sheets or the towels. If you keep the seashell beside your bed, your sheets will change every two days. We count on your usual support to help us reduce water consumption. "A simple sign with so much impact!"
  4. Egypt is one of the countries with the highest number of sunny days of the year. This is why it is a popular destination among tourists. Three hundred and sixty sunny days with an average of 12 hours daily! We have also installed solar panels, contributing up to 6% of our electricity. 
  5. Hotel LED spotlights and smart remotes control the lighting throughout the hotel premises and facilities, helping reduce electricity consumption.

Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous

Did this question ever pop into your mind? 

Where does all the rubbish go, considering the size of the hotel and the number of guests?

Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay is working with a local contractor to ensure that 100% of the rubbish is recycled and converted into profit; we sort, reuse and recycle all of our waste. The cycle continues, and we are happy to report that even plastic water bottles and straws are produced domestically using recycled materials.

  • Social Responsibility

Social awareness is just as essential as economic and environmental factors.

  1. We are proud that 98.6% of our employees are locally hired.
  2. Supporting the Egyptian community is one of our top goals, so we engage in local traditions and cultures. One of our partners is the neighbourhood orphanage Nida El Kheir, for which we hold fantastic events!
  • Economy
  1. Energy Performance: We were leading the MEA region with a 16.8% saving in energy.
  2. Water Performance: We achieved third place in the MEA region, with savings of 9.7%.
  3. Waste Generation and Diversion: We were one of the top good achievers in the reduction of Waste Generation, with a 15% reduction, and Waste Diversion, with a 6.01% reduction.
  4. More than 60% of our suppliers are locally sourced.

Since 2022, Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay has been recognised globally by EarthCheck, the top accreditation, counselling and advice organisation for sustainable destinations and tourism.

This accomplishment, of which we are immensely proud, would not have been achieved without you.

You may be part of our Clean-Up days during your next visit.

 We look forward to seeing you!