Thalasso & Spa Treatments

Thalasso & Spa Treatments

Spa & Thalasso is recognised as the best spa in Egypt and features various facilities.

Soma Bay Spa & Thalasso

Recognised as the best spa in Egypt and one of the largest spas in the world, the Spa & Thalasso features various facilities that extend over more than 7,500 sq m (80,729.3 sq ft). Treatment highlights include a large seawater facility, the aqua-tonic pool, and a variety of hydrotherapy treatments, including seaweed wraps, underwater massages, and beauty and wellness treatments.

The word "Thalasso-Therapy" is derived from the Greek words Thalassa meaning sea, and Therapeia, meaning healing.

Thalasso therapy uses the curative properties of seawater and hydrotherapy. It also involves body scrubs and wraps with applications of marine products such as algae and mud, both affluent in mineral salts and trace elements as well as vitamins and amino acids.

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At Soma Bay, we strive to offer our guests a tranquil and revitalising experience at Soma Bay Spa & Thalasso. It's important to note that Soma Bay Spa & Thalasso operate independently outside the hotel premises and are not managed by Kempinski. This exceptional spa facility is located in Soma Bay and only takes 5 minutes from the hotel, providing a wide range of spa and thalassotherapy services. We are delighted to assist our guests in accessing their remarkable services. Your well-being and relaxation are our top priorities, and we are committed to ensuring that you have a memorable and rejuvenating spa experience during your stay with us.

Spa Treatments

Increasingly, people are turning to thalasso therapy for its anti-ageing treatments. It has become a favourite treatment for cellulite reduction and muscle toning both for its effectiveness as well as its calming approach and effect. The causes of cellulite are generally attributed to poor blood circulation and a build-up of toxins, so an overall thalassotherapy treatment can release these agents while providing other benefits. A thalassotherapy session is preferably taken with a specific massage to enhance your personal needs. For more information, please click here. For inquiries, please contact The Cascades Spa & Thalasso at [email protected] or call +20 127 111 5236.