Sweet Ġbejna

Sweet Ġbejna

Our Signature Dessert

A new twist on the traditional savory dish takes this dish from a starter to a dessert.

Deeply rooted in Gozitan cuisine, the ‘Ġbejna’ is a sheep's cheese based delicacy that proudly represents the Maltese culinary patrimony. Traditionally served as a savoury starter, this cheeselet is nicely seasoned, with a drizzle of the delicious Gozitan olive oil.

We found the courage to challenge this tradition and to further value our beloved ‘Ġbejna’ with its unique fragrance and texture, by creating a dessert version thus giving this gozitan cheeselets even more versatility and more appeal to our patrons with a sweeter tooth. 

Spoon in hand, slowly dig into the cheeselet and admire our golden homemade pear jam nestled within the ‘Ġbejna’ , as it slowly floods the bed of carob "soil" to create a unique blend of flavours that are further enhanced by the mill-drizzling crunchy pistachios and sweet Mediterranean lemon infused oil.

Indulge and proudly celebrate the Maltese heritage!

L-Ikla t-Tajba!


Gozo sheep cheese mousse | Pear gel | Carob soil | Organic lemon oil | Cracked pistachios | Sweet bread