Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine

Influenced by the best of Italian and North African cuisine, the Gozitan gastronomy will surprise you with its extended variety of flavours.

A True Blend of Flavours

Mediterranean cuisine is wholesome, fresh and delicious – not to mention healthy! In recent years, it has experienced a renaissance and received the global attention it deserves. Maltese cuisine is a fusion of different Mediterranean regions, carrying the marks of the many occupying forces that have been present in Malta throughout the centuries. 

This marriage of tastes shapes the uniqueness of the local gastronomy and tradition seasons all.

The Maltese archipelago is also earning its place when it comes to wine production. Its vintages are of delicate and defined taste and are the perfect accompany of the local culinary offerings. Wine tasting and private estate tours can booked at Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz.

Locally grown vegetables and herbs – many of them from the hotel’s own vast gardens – are the main ingredients responsible for the incredibly tasty Gozitan dishes.

5 Unmissable Traditional Local Dishes:

  • Ftira

The Maltese ‘Ftira’, is a sandwich made of Maltese bread and usually filled with a variety of Mediterranean ingredients, such as olives, capers, sun dried tomatoes, cheese and a mix of vegetables.

  • Pastizzi

Typically filled with Ricotta or Peas, the ‘Pastizz' is a traditional savoury Maltese snack. An explosion of flakes from this crunchy pastry and delicious stuffing awaits you with every bite.These little baked tartlets are the most popular snack on the Maltese islands!

  • Gozitan Ġbejna

Deeply rooted in Gozitan cuisine, the ‘Ġbejna’ is a sheep cheese based delicacy that proudly represents the Maltese culinary patrimony. Traditionally served as a savoury starter, this cheeselet is nicely seasoned with local salt and pepper, topped with a drizzle of the delicious Gozitan olive oil.

  • Lampuki Fish

The Lampuki is a type of fish typically found around the waters of Malta. It is known by different names depending on where you are from such as, dorado or mahi-mahi. The fishing season for this fish ranges from August to December and it is one of the most popular traditional Maltese dishes one must try.

  • Pumpkin Pie

This local delicacy consists of a pie crust filled with a mixture of rice, pumpkin, anchovies or tuna, olives and a variety of vegetables, which is then baked to golden perfection. Bite into its crunchy crust, and indulge in a burst of rich Mediterranean flavours.

Carefully sourced ingredients, authentic recipes and passionate culinary skills combine to create unforgettable and inspiring dishes that celebrate the best of our local gastronomy.