Lady in Red

Lady in Red

At the heart of Kempinski is the remarkable people who look after each and every guest attentively and thoughtfully. 

The Most Attentive Host

Timeless. Elegant. Exquisite. The Lady in Red is the embodiment of everything Kempinski stands for: a remarkable host and an enduring symbol of the finest European luxury hospitality.

Conceived by Kempinski in 2009, the Lady in Red extends a warm welcome to every guest at our constellation of beautiful havens, providing a genuinely personalised and intuitive guest experience based on cultural empathy, guest intelligence and an understanding of each individual guest’s needs. 

Dedicated to please and educated to entertain, these brand ambassadors are alert to any opportunity to go one step beyond to craft unforgettable experiences for our well-travelled guests, acting as both the perfect host and a trusted companion during their stay with Kempinski.

Around the world, the Lady in Red family is instantly recognisable. Dressed in a striking and elegant red outfit that reflects the sartorial traditions in each destination, the Ladies in Red evoke an authentic sense of place and occasion.