The Lifestyle Experience

The Lifestyle Experience


The package includes relaxation and rejuvenation of body by herbal oils and medicines, which nourishes the body tissues, and is recommended for the age group of 16 to 70 years. The major benefits of this treatment are a prolonged life span, improved memory and intelligence, youthfulness, physical endurance, strong sense organs, and perfect health. 

Treatments may include:

Abhyanga Snanam-Relaxing massage
Elakkizhi-Herbal soothe
Pizhichil-Well-being therapy 
Njavara Kizhi-Medicated Rice Bundle Treatment
Sirodhara-Face, lips and hair care



An effective and prominent Ayurveda program for the release of day-to-day strain and stress. It calms your mind, brings relaxation of the body, It slows down the pace. The package includes different traditional Ayurveda massages for soothing the body, mind, & soul. Treatments may include:  

Abhyanga Snanam-Relaxing massage
Shiro Lepam-Herbal paste on head
Ksheera dhara-Herbal milk treatment 
Sirodhara-Face, lips and hair care



This package is created to benefit mental and physical well-being, as it will tone the body & mind and purify the blood.

Abhyanga Snanam-Relaxing massage
Elakkizhi-Herbal soothe
Choorna Pinda Swedam -Massage using medicated herbal bundles
Udvarthanam-Massage & exfoliation
Nasyam -Nasal cleansing therapy
Detox body wrap  
Lymphatic Massage  

 Price for a 7-night package: € 2170 per person. 

  • Price may vary depending on seasonality and occupancy of the hotel. 
  • Breakfast and Dinner is included in the above rate. In order to include daily lunch, a supplement of €35 per person may be added on your request. 
  • All Lifestyle Experiences will begin with consultancy by a qualified Ayurveda doctor, and the above therapies include 90 minutes of Ayurveda treatment per day. 
  • A complimentary Yoga and meditation session is offered once every two days.
  • General terms & conditions apply 

Please contact our in-house Ayurveda Doctor and Consultant to arrange your booking: +356 2211 5800 or [email protected]